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Learning outcomes

Competence profile
The Graduate Programme in Middle East Studies aims to meet the following competence targets for the students:
General competence targets:

Students should be able

1 to delimit and define a problem in the subject area
2 to investigate, analyse and solve technical problems with the aid of relevant academic theories and methods
3 to systematise complex knowledge and data and select and prioritise factors that are important for a given topic
4 to make a critical assessment of the subject’s various theories and methods
5 to make precise and consistent use of concepts and terminology
6 to base their arguments on tenable academic foundations
7 to enter into qualified dialogue
8 to have a clear focus and consistency in carrying out their tasks
9 to take a critical stance with regard to sources used and to provide documentation for these using references, notes and bibliographies
10 to use IT as a tool both in searching for information and in oral and written communication

Subject-specific target skills:
Students should

  • have a broad, solid knowledge of the modern Middle East in relation to modern history, culture and social conditions
  • have a firm theoretical and methodological basis in modern history and in social and cultural analysis with particular reference to the academic history of Middle East research
  • be able to develop and respond to academic issues relating to the Middle East in an independent and scientific manner
  • be in a position to carry out project and communication assignments relating to the Middle East on a scientific basis and to present these to relevant working partners.

Intellectual competences:
Students should:

  • be able to work and think critically and reflectively in relation to research issues in the relevant disciplines
  • be able independently to formulate and present knowledge and viewpoints regarding the Middle East

Practical competences:
Students should:

  • be able in a practical sense to take part in teamwork relating to research and communication about the Middle East
  • be able to make concrete contributions to work involving information, planning or development for organisations, institutions and business concerns working with the Middle East on the basis of a solid knowledge about the area

Last Updated 26.02.2018