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Career opportunities

The aim of the programme is to provide students with qualifications that will motivate them to seek employment in the Middle East – including jobs associated with the Middle East in a European or Danish context. In addition, the aim is to provide students with qualifications that will equip them for conducting jobs in the Danish, Scandinavian and European integration sectors.

Thus far, graduates from Middle East Studies have found employment within many different fields. For instance, with the secret services in Denmark (PET and FE) and the Danish integration sector (in ministries and municipalities). The EU, international organizations and NGOs represent other areas where our graduates have found work. Typical areas for employment are:

  • Danish ministries, mainly the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Ministry for Integration as well the Secret Services (PET and FE) and the police
  • Danish municipalities and regions (typically integration related job functions)
  • international organizations and NGOs
  • the tourism sector
  • Danish companies operating in the Middle East
  • research, teaching, the information sector including media venues and public relations functions

Last Updated 10.12.2019