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As part of the master programme you choose one of four profiles and specialise in your special field of interests.

Choose between the following academic profiles:

  • Devices and Microtechnology: You will work with electronic systems and information technology in nano-dimensions.
  • Embedded Systems: Among other things, you will work with mathematical modelling to improve the product development of mechatronic and dynamic systems
  • Cyber Physical Systems: Enables you to develop advanced control systems that will meet future demands.
  • Power Electronics: You will be specialized into the research level of analyzing, modeling and developing Power Electronic system in a mechatronic context.

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Project based and research based study environment

You become part of a project based and problem based study environment where you work in project groups. You and your fellow students are responsible for planning and carrying out the project – and for meeting the deadlines. Usually we receive the project outlines from companies and we emphasise that the problems you solve are ‘real-world’ problems.
The last semester is devoted to the master thesis, which will typically be carried out at or in cooperation with an industrial company. Learn more from the students themselves

Versatile career paths

With a master degree in Mechatronics you will have a range of job opportunities – in Denmark and abroad. The degree qualifies you for work in the development of user-friendly products of the future – products that combine technologies such as mechatronics, electronics and software; in industrial companies, among others.

It is also possible to continue on a three-year research programme which will lead to a PhD degree. Another option is to study an industrial research programme which is carried out in close cooperation with a company where you are employed.

Graduates who have completed this master programme are entitled to use the title of Master of Science (MSc) in Engineering (Mechatronics).

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