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The Master programme in Medical chemistry supplements your Bachelor's degree with chemistry courses such as spectroscopy and molecular modelling, as well as a variety of courses in medical and biological chemistry, specialising you in the development of new medicines.

During the second semester of the programme, you can do elective courses at SDU or other universities in Denmark or abroad. You also have the option of conducting a research project in close cooperation with a business.

In the final year of the programme, you write your Master's thesis. You will typically be assigned to a research team at the Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy or at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. The thesis can also be completed in collaboration with external partners. The thesis has a scope of 60 ECTS, equivalent to a year's full-time work. You complete the project with an academic paper and an oral defence.

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A vibrant study environment

A graduate programme at SDU is much more than courses, classes and lectures.

A strong education programme is one that integrates academic and social experiences to maximise learning and personal development. Therefore, at SDU, you find not only a place to study, but a place to cultivate new friendships and pursue co-curricular activities

Accordingly, SDU in Odense gathers most departments under the same roof. On campus you will also find the university library, an academic bookshop, several canteens, the Friday bar, a gym, a branch of Starbucks and a plethora of academic and social student associations.

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