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More about the study programme

This study programme is only available in Danish


The teaching in the graduate programme takes place in the premises on J.B. Winsløws Vej and at Odense University Hospital. The study programme is structured around independent studying, lectures, module-based class teaching and group work. There are also practical study elements based on lab exercises, skill training and clinical internships. You are advised to participate in study groups, where you collaborate with fellow students to describe learning objectives, solve tasks and the like.

Study environment

Besides the teaching there is ample opportunity to participate in social activities. You can get involved in the students' council, the Film club, the student revue show or the lecture society. Medical students have an international organisation, IMCC, whose activities include organising clinical internships abroad. FADL (the association of Danish medical students) has information on current temporary job opportunities (locum tenens) for medical students.

Every Friday, a "Friday Bar" is organised on campus, and on certain Fridays during the semester, Epstein Bar hosts its own Friday Bar in Winsløwparken (Epstein-Bar). Watch the notice boards and ads in the Faculty magazine, 'Sund & Hed', for information.