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Some mathematical theories and techniques are developed directly intended for problem solving in other areas of study, such as astronomy, physics, chemistry, statistics, computer science, economy and technology. Others, however, are derived from the mathematician’s interest in abstraction and in the inner structure of the field and its aesthetic values.

The expression ”the unreasonable usefulness of mathematics” exists because it has been shown, time and again, that the sometimes very abstract thought constructions mathematicians create in this manner without utility in mind, later prove to be especially useful in other subjects. One example is numbers theory which forms the basis for cryptology.

The Master's programme in Mathematics gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in current issues and complete your own research projects. The programme will provide you with a good basis for handling complex problems which are relevant in many different careers.

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A vibrant  study environment

A graduate programme at SDU is much more than courses, classes and lectures.

A strong education programme is one that integrates academic and social experiences to maximise learning and personal development. Therefore, at SDU, you find not only a place to study, but a place to cultivate new friendships and pursue co-curricular activities

Accordingly, SDU in Odense gathers most departments under the same roof. On campus you will also find the university library, an academic bookshop, several canteens, the Friday bar, a gym, a branch of Starbucks and a plethora of academic and social student associations.

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