Master programmes

The process of becoming a degree student

At the University of Southern Denmark, we focus on our students; we do our utmost to assist our applicants and make sure that the application process is as fast and transparent as possible. If you do encounter problems or questions along the way please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form SPOC.

Below you can find step by step information on the process your application goes through from it is received till you get an answer.

  1. You submit your application and receive a standard confirmation mail to ensure your application has been correctly submitted.
  2. We check the applications for relevant enclosures. This is done on a daily basis throughout our admission period.
  3. If the application is complete it is sent for evaluation as soon as possible.
    If the application is incomplete, we send an email asking for the required documentation with a deadline for submitting missing documents.  Note that the process will be prolonged if we have to ask for missing enclosures.
    In general, we do our utmost to ensure a swift evaluation process.
  4. As soon as the application has been evaluated, you are informed:
    Either by getting a letter of acceptance by email along with other relevant documents (e.g. application form for residence permit). If you are a fee paying student, you will get an invoice and must apply for residence permit (remember to pay the application fee), pay the tuitions fees and accept our terms of payment. All students must return ‘Acceptance of Study Place’ which you will receive by mail.
    Or by getting a letter of rejection by email where after your application is sent on for evaluation at your second priority. When possible, we have the application evaluated for all priorities at once. You will get an answer to your application at the very latest within 6-8 weeks from our application deadline provided that you submit your application within the deadline with required enclosures.
  5. Depending on which campus city you have been accepted to, you will receive various types of introductory information up to your arrival and will be duly welcomed when you arrive.
  6. Once you have been enrolled, you should check information under ”Current Students" »Here you click on “Your Programme”, then on “master”  and then you choose the degree you have been enrolled in. This takes you to a website where you will find more specific information about your study programme.

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