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Career opportunities

After having obtained a Master's degree you are authorised as a chiropractor. In order to obtain the right to work independently and thereby be a chiropractor in your own private clinic you need to complete a one year internship (practical training) at a licensed chiropractor. If you’d like to work as a chiropractor within hospitals or the research field there is no requirement for an internship.

Chiropractics - a domain in rapid development

There are currently more than 600 authorized chiropractors operating within the healthcare system in Denmark, some of which have their own clinic and others are working as assistants. But there are also chiropractors employed in other job functions and many combine different posts. The possibilities within the chiropractic profession is constantly being developed. For example, you also have the opportunity to specialise within the hospital system or to specialise in a particular area of knowledge with a Master's degree (sports, children, public health, etc.) You also have a good chance of becoming a lecturer for qualifying in Clinical Biomechanics, be involved in research projects or further qualify yourself to be a researcher. 

Good job opportunities

Since the University of Southern Denmark is the only university-level educational institution in Scandinavia there are good job opportunities. In Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia there is currently no unemployment in the field. The qualification will also provide you with the opportunity for employment abroad, such as in Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the United States and in Australia.

Last Updated 05.12.2019