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Student testimonials

Amalie Frost Stammerjohan, 9th semester.

Why are you studying Clinical Biomechanics?

I’m studying Clinical Biomechanics because I think “a chiropractor” is the perfect combination of highly professional knowledge and practical characteristics. I became interested in Chiropractics after a week's internship in 8th class. Back then swimming, at the elite level, meant everything to me and I knew that I would work with the musculoskeletal system when I got older. Whether I would study Medicine, Physiotherapy or Clinical Biomechanics was only something I’d decide after I’d experienced what a chiropractor could perform with the hands. After that I no longer doubted, and I worked with intense focus to be admitted to the programme. I succeeded in 2012 through the Quota 2 intake and since then I’ve always been pleased and proud about that decision.

What is the best thing about studying CB?

The best thing about studying Clinical Biomechanics is the community which one quickly becomes a part of. Both as a student at SDU, but also the academic community as an upcoming chiropractor. I'm really looking forward to being a part of this amazing professional community which the Danish chiropractors comprise. Knowledge, skills and experience is shared among each another, which helps standards within the profession to improve. It is a course of study in constant development, and there will always be an opportunity to learn something new.

Are you happy with the course and the study environment?

Quite certainly. It’s no secret that one doesn’t get through the course by sleeping. Without the study environment and one's fellow students, it would definitely have been a much harder battle to have reached this far. Odense and University are doing really much for promoting the perfect study environment, and I am more than happy to live and study in Odense.

We, as students of Clinical Biomechanics, are very fortunate to have the Student Association FNKS (Association of Nordic Chiropractor Students), which holds professional and social events throughout the year. This means that we have the opportunity to get to know each other among year classes and also benefit from each other.

Are you engaged in anything outside of your studies?

The course occupies a fairly large part of my life. I was previously a member of one of FNKS's Committees and in 2015-2016 I helped to train "spine pro’s" in connection with the Danish Chiropractor Association's "Become a Spine Pro" campaign. I have previously participated and continue to participate in the various events which FNKS holds, but there’s obviously always been time to pursue a hobby and see my family and friends. During this final year of my Master’s I've had some extra time, which I used to engage myself more in my leisure work, as swimming instructor in Odense and Ganløse Tri, which gives me a whole new energy for everyday life.

Last Updated 05.12.2019