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Career opportunities

Ingeniøruddannelserne på SDU. Fotograf Mette Krull

With a master of science in engineering degree in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology you will be qualified for jobs as, for example:

• Project manager
• Development engineer
• Manager of development department
• Researcher
• Analyst
• Head of laboratory
• Teacher
• Consultant
• Head of quality

You could, for example, work in:

• The chemical industry
• The food industry
• The pharmaceutical industry
• Environmental governance
• Power plants
• Laboratories.

Your tasks could be to:

• Design and implement new process engineering plants e.g. for biochemical or food production
• Develop and optimise current plants e.g. for pharmaceutical industry
• Develop and optimise methods of analysis and biological techniques
• Work as a consultant for private and public companies within chemical engineering related to environmental and work environment issues
• Develop products and processes where chemical issues are significant
• Build and operate reactors
• Design industrial processing of primary biological production e.g. for food or bio fuels. 

With this programme you are qualified for a job in Denmark or abroad and for studies at PhD level.

See an example of a career

Meet Kit, who produces environmentally friendly fuel

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