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Entry requirements

Entry requirements

To qualify for admission, you must have a relevant degree on a Bachelor's level.

You are qualified for admission if you hold one of the following degrees:

  • BSc in Chemistry and Biotechnology from University of Southern Denmark
  • BSc in Chemical Engineering for University of Southern Denmark, provided that you passed the module Design of Ideal Reactors
  • BSc in Chemical Engineering from Aalborg University
  • BSc in Chemistry and Techonology from the Technical University of Denmark - for study start in september 2020 and onwards the degree does not qualify for admission
  • BEng in Biotechnology (previously Bioprocess Technology) from Aarhus University

 Furthermore, the following degrees may be qualifying depending on the profile and specialization:

  • BEng degrees in Electronic Engineering, Electrical Power Engineering and Mechatronics from University of Southern Denmark
  • BSc in Mechatronics from University of Southern Denmark

You can apply if you hold a similar, relevant degree within Science or Engineering. To be considered, your degree must include a minimum of:

  • 10 ECTS in Chemical engineering
  • 5 ECTS in Reactor design
  • 5 ECTS in Process and product design
  • 20 ECTS in General and analytical chemistry, organic and inorganic chemistry
  • 10 ECTS in Biotechnology, incl. Technical microbiology
  • 10 ECTS in Laboratory practice
  • 5 ECTS in Physical chemistry
  • 15 ECTS in Mathematic and physical models
  • 5 ECTS in Statistics

In addition, you must fulfil SDU's English language requirements - read more on how to prove your English level

You must write a motivational letter

There is a limited number of study places in the programme. So fulfilling the entry requirements is not a guarantee for admission.

Unless you have a legal claim for admission, you must write a motivational letter and submit this as part of your application.

Selection of applicants

If there are more qualified applicants than study places, the following criteria are used for the selection of applicants. You are given a score in relation to each criterion, and your overall score decides whether you are offered a study place.

  • Content and level of your bachelor's degree (1-10 points)
  • Your academic results (1-50 points). In addition to your overall grade point average, the emphasis is placed on your grades within:
    • Chemical engineering
    • Reactor design
    • Process design or product design
    • General and analytical chemistry, non-organic or organic chemistry
    • Biotechnology, incl. technical microbiology
    • Physical chemistry
    • Mathematical and physical models
    • Statistics
  • Motivation for and ability to complete the programme (1-40 points)
How to apply

You must submit your application in the online Application Portal

How to submit your application

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Former or current student in a Danish Master's programme?

Then specific rules regarding admission may apply

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