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Study Environment and Learning

IT Product Design is a studio-based education, and the design studio will be your workspace throughout the first year of the graduate programme. It is there to support collaborativel learning. You will experience how much you learn by sharing project experiences and reflections. This only works of course, if you actually spend your time there, so the IT product Design programme requires attendance equivalent to that of a full-time job.

Studio-based Learning

Through an intense two-year master programme students work within a design studio. Projects with emphasis on hands-on and user-centred approaches are completed both collaboratively and individually. We teach our students theory in lectures and seminars, as well as during the projects that are organised around themes. SDU Design works across three different faculties, and the programme thereby allows students to choose between two different specialisations, depending on their field of interest.

Setting up workspaces for collaborative activities is actually one of the research interests of SDU Design. Workspaces ought to support design work as it unfolds meaning that it cannot stay the same if activities change. Be prepared for an ever-changing workspace and over time you will develop an understanding of how much workspace design actually matters for the way we work, collaborate and learn.

Cross-disciplinary Programme

The aim of this master programme is to educate designers who can work in multidisciplinary teams that develop interactive IT products such as home appliances, industrial sensors and controls, medical devices, and leisure products. The programme targets manufacturing industries that are not normally associated with IT.

Last Updated 12.12.2019