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Why Study ITPD?

Intelligent products of the future will change the ways in which people work and play. To envision these developments requires empathy and responsibility on the part of designers. It requires skills of critical judgment and an open-minded attitude as well as competencies beyond traditional engineering and computer science. It additionally requires engagement in multidisciplinary teams for the development of successful products and services that benefit the world.

Who are we?

IT Product Design is part of a design environment at the campus in Kolding where research and teaching is closely connected. The new SDU Design group is lead by professor Jacob Buur, and focuses on combining research within:

  • Interaction Design
  • Interaction Analysis
  • Embodied Technology
  • Participatory Innovation
  • Design Anthropology
  • Applied Theatre
  • Video and design
  • Service design
  • Co-Design

These research areas are reflected in the courses at IT Product Design and in the projects that we involve our students in.

Contact us

You are always welcome to contact SDU International for information about studying at the University of Southern Denmark – how to apply, and where to live.

For more information about the degree programme, please see the Contact us page.

ITPD brochure 2020

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Last Updated 11.10.2021