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Participatory Innovation

Innovation is inherently multidisciplinary. Participatory Innovation is a new, integrated approach that cuts across the different research disciplines that offer partial theories of how organizations can involve users and other stakeholders in innovation.

Participatory Innovation will introduce students to techniques of how to use video for user studies, how to design with users in workshops, how to move the design process out in the field, and how to create scenarios to develop the most successful products based on the practices of the people who use them.

You will learn to look at each design project with a new set of eyes, and armed with a toolbox of methods you will be able to creatively employ this toolbox in any new situation.
As researchers we think of Participatory Innovation as the opportunity to create richer innovation through the mutual involvement of a multitude of interacting stakeholders. One may think of Participatory Innovation as a democratic process where every stakeholder will have the opportunity to influence the innovation process.
Participatory Innovation values sense-making and perspective-giving across boundaries between individuals, groups, institutions, and cultures, as well as between scientific disciplines. It has developed out of Participatory Design, the crucial difference between the two being Participatory Innovation’s attention to a broader set of stakeholders, most significantly the organizational settings of stakeholders, and the conceptual notion that successful processes of innovation are the basis for good design.

Last Updated 26.02.2018