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Design Research

Good designers possess an ability to reflect on their own processes and methods for designing, using this understanding to devise new and more effective ways to design.

At IT Product Design, we understand Design Research to be a vital part of design practice.

Each design project provides new opportunities for trying out new techniques, adapting 'old' ones to new contexts, and developing our understanding of how to design. Personal reflection is an important ingredient in the ability to develop new methods, which is why we put much emphasis on understanding theory and critical thought.

Through the introduction of various kinds of literature, and tasks that challenge students to write their own reflective or research papers, new design potential can be imagined which can then be applied in practice on new design projects.

This also enables students to develop and reflect on their own design methods to contribute to the continuous development of theories, methods and technologies in the field of IT Product Design. An important skill through the 3 areas of IT Product Design is Facilitation.

Design is a social process. Therefore our students learn how to establish and facilitate collaboration between the design team, the users and the company, enabling them to handle complex design processes which involve different stakeholders. This can include aspects ranging from setting up a meeting room for a design workshop with user and company participation, to how to organise a successful development process within an industrial organization.