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Student experiences

See what our students say about their experience studying IT Product Design.

Other students share their most important reasons for choosing to study IT Product Design:

  • “The course is different from other courses and very interesting to me. I wanted to widen my horizons and learn something relating to my bachelor but also something new. Also, it was very important to me to find a university which is not too bigso the lecturers and the students have a good relationship with each other.”
  • “The UX caught my attention, but the process of the work and reflecting back to the process and including users along the journey of the projects, sounded interesting as well. It is a diverse programme, allowing me to use it as I want to, which is amazing.”
  • “I couldn’t have chosen a better place to do my Master’s. I often think about what I’ve learned to become a professional that I am today. I liked that we’ve had such a close relationship not only to other students but also to the teachers, and we could discuss any ideas we had. It was a very down to earth, humble relationship, which made the programme so humane and such a nice place to study.”
  • “This programme prepares us for the 'real world'. It teaches us how to adapt, how to respond to different types of challenges and how to learn from each other. I believe that in this rapidly changing world we need to keep up with the fast pace of ever-evolving technology.”
  • “I joined the programme because I wanted to make a difference. In reality, creating products that function is only significant for me, but meaningful designs need to resonate with other people. I found IT Product Design to be a good way of mixing things up. Here, I gained a better grip on understanding people, development and design—all of which are key in being able to create something for someone.”
  • “I chose to study ITPD to explore the world and the methodologies of design processes, work closely with people that come from various background educations and share a common passion for design.”

Last Updated 14.01.2021