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Learning outcomes

General competencies
The main focus of all engineering programmes at University of Southern Denmark is professional ability and the programmes are all rooted in research and development environments of a high international standard.

You acquire the ability to:

  • think and work in a problem-based, project-oriented and interdisciplinary way
  • work independently as well as in teams
  • manage and be in charge of a project
  • to employ your strong analytical and problem-solving skills solve tasks in an international and social context
  • exploit your knowledge about the needs of the business world and experience in working with high-tec companies.

Specific competencies
With a master degree in Engineering, Innovation and Business you will be able to handle many different processes from exploring and discovering new ideas to planning, managing and realisation of your own business concepts.

You will have solid competencies within the fields of mechatronics, innovation and business – and you have gained the knowledge to start up your company or to proceed with a career in industry or academia.

With a master of science in engineering degree in Engineering, Innovation and Business you will have the following competencies:

  • Ability to evaluate the innovation process and select and realise promising products and business ideas
  • Ability to analyse organisational aspects regarding management and support of innovation processes which enables you to identify and evaluate networks that can create value for the company
  • Knowledge of design process methods, product development techniques, project management methods, etc.
  • Ability to analyse, plan and organise projects, product launches and business concepts
  • Ability to develop advanced mechatronics which enables you to participate in development activities in industry or in your own business
  • Ability to analyse and evaluate business opportunities, including information on the market, competition, clients, etc.
  • Ability to understand, apply and reflect upon knowledge on an international research level within one or more subjects of the subject columns of the education.

With a master of science in engineering degree you will be qualified to apply for and study a PhD programme.

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