Change of programme

Rules for chaning programme

When you apply for a change of programme, you must have passed courses equating the entire first year of the programme you want to enter. Consequently, applying for a change of programme is primarily relevant when switching between programmes where the first year is the same.

If you have not passed the entire first year, you have to apply for regular admission instead - in the same manner as when you started your current programme. If you are admitted to the programme, you have to apply for a credit transfer afterwards.

Before applying, we recommend that you compare the content and structure of your current programme with that of the programme you want to enter.

If you are in doubt about whether you have the entire first year covered, we recommend that you apply for a change of programme as well as for regular admission.

Please note that a change of programme is only possible if there are vacant study places in the relevant steps of the programme.

How to apply
The application form

To apply for a transfer, you have to fill out an online application form.

Relevant enclosures

When applying for a change of programme, you need to attach the following enclosures to your application: 

  • A High School diploma or other proof that you fulfill the entry requirements of the programme
  • A transcript of records from your current programme listing all examination attempts and also listing the courses for which you are currently signed up.
  • If you are not a student at SDU: A confirmation of your enrollment or a confirmation stating the last date of your enrollment and why your enrollment was discontinued.

The application deadline is March 15 for admission in September and November 1 for admission in February. Unless the programme is covered by the ministerial dimensioning of study programmes (see below), you can apply for a change of programme in February or in September, not depending on the regular study start of the programme.

When you apply before the deadline, your application will be answered no later than August 1/December 20. The answer will be forwarded to the e-mail address listed in your application.

After the deadline you can still apply. If you apply after the deadline, you will receive your answer very close to and in some cases even after the study start. So remember to apply in time. After the beginning of a semester you can no longer apply. The second round of applying will open on May 1 to August 6 for the September uptake, and December 1 to January 5 for the February uptake.

Special rules for dimensioned programmes

A number of programmes at University of Southern Denmark are covered by a ministerial 'dimensioning', regulating the intakes in programmes within certain academic fields.

In the dimensioned programmes a limit is set for how many students can be taken in each year. The limit covers applicants who apply for regular admission to the first year of the programme as well as applicants switching to a later step in the programme. Therefore, a transfer to a dimensioned programme is not possible if all of the study places are filled up in the regular intake.

For the same reason, we cannot answer your application before we have answered all applications for regular admission. If you want to switch to a dimensioned bachelor's programme, you application will not be answered before August.

For dimensioned programmes you can only apply starting in September.


If you have questions regarding change of programmes, you are more than welcome to call +45 6550 1052 or write an e-mail via the contact form  SPOC. You can also report to Student Services on Campus Odense.


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