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Transferring to SDU

 You can transfer to University of Southern Denmark provided that:

  • you are enroled in another Danish university
  • you have passed courses that are equivalent to the entire first year of the programme as it is structured at University of Southern Denmark
  • there are vacant study places in the programme
  • you meet the entry requirements of the programme
  • All Bachelor and BEng Engineering programmes require a minimum GPA in quota 1, however when you apply for transferring to SDU it is the quota 2 GPA minimum requirement that must be met. Programmes with a quota 2 GPA are Pharmacy, Medicine and Clinical Biomechanics 

Unsure whether your courses cover the entire first year?

If you cannot achieve a credit transfer covering the entire first year of studies, you cannot transfer into the programme. Instead you have to apply for re-admission. In any case, it is always a good idea to apply for both a transfer and for re-admission, since you cannot be sure about the amount of transferable credits.

Remember to attach...

  • a transcript of records including all examination attempts as well as information on courses you are signed up to
  • a confirmation from your university that you are currently enroled
  • proof that you fulfill the entry requirements of the specific programme
  • curriculum or course description of  passed/enroled programmes

Application deadlines

Application deadline is March 1st  for admission to study start in September and November 1st for study start in February. Unless the programme is covered by the ministerial dimensioning of study programmes (see below), you can apply for enrolment in February or in September, not depending on the regular study start of the programme.

You can apply from January 1st/October 1st. We will answer your application no later than August 1st/December 20th.

Submit your application

A number of programmes at University of Southern Denmark are covered by a ministerial 'dimensioning', regulating the intakes in programmes within certain academic fields.

For dimensioned programmes:

  • you can only apply for study start in September
  • you cannot expect an answer before August
  • you can only start if there are still vacant study places after the admission of first-year students

Find a list of dimensioned programmes

A limited intake capacity

There are special rules for dimensioned programmes because a limit is set to how many students can be taken in each year. The limit covers applicants who apply for regular admission to the first year of the programme as well as applicants wanting enroll in a later step in the programme.

If you have questions, you are more than welcome to call +45 6550 1052 or write an e-mail via the contact form  SPOC. You can also report to Student Services on Campus Odense.

Admissions University of Southern Denmark
  • Campusvej 55
  • Odense M - DK-5230
  • Phone: +45 6550 1052

Last Updated 09.06.2020