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Our teaching principles

Our teaching principles are based on our respect for students, on acknowledging their talent and their wish to learn and thrive.

Discussing over lecturing

Our professors highly appreciate students asking questions, sharing thoughts and developing their own ideas.

We encourage students to take an active role in classes as we believe that it deepens their understanding and their ability to apply learned principles.

Teaching partners with open doors

Our professors understand themselves as your teaching partners. They are interested in your understanding of the material and your academic and personal development during your studies.

If you have any questions, struggles or new ideas, you are very welcome to just step by your professor and talk to him or her. As we have an open-door policy, there is no need for a secretary or formality.

We see talent, not hierarchies

In Denmark everybody is on first-name terms with everyone but the royal family. This creates closer connections between students and professors.

Instead of hierarchies, we believe in discussing ideas, content and the latest research findings. That is why we nourish ideas, grow talent and make ambitious students grow. Motivated students can often participate actively in research projects and publish during their Master studies.

Research-based teaching

Our teaching is based on and closely interconnected with the latest research findings from our own and other internationally acknowledged researchers. Therefore, it is natural for us to update all offered courses regularly.

We raise good thinkers

Learning the given principles by heart is of course important. But being able to apply the principles, use them, challenge them and improve them is of an even higher value for our society and industries.

That’s why our study programmes contains more professional discussions, more application  sessions and more critical thinking than others, without compromising on the high level of theoretical and abstract thinking.

Three-phase model of teaching

The latest research, backed by our own experience, shows that combining different teaching methods results in the best learning outcomes for students. Therefore, at the Faculty of Science, all of our courses combine different teaching methods, such as lectures, exercise sessions and assignments.

Lectures are given by professors on a weekly basis and are usually held with a group of 5-20 students. Classes are interactive and professors make an effort to design the speed and the content of the lectures according to the students' needs, interests and questions. Having a good ratio between students and professors enables our teachers to care for the learning development of every single student.

Exercise sessions and assignments
Master-level exercise sessions at the Faculty of Science are generally held by the professors themselves. Within Physics, excercise sessions and assignments often contain problem-solving tasks and adaptation of methods as we highly encourage our students to use the learned theoretical principles to create their own ideas and solutions. Your participation, your personal commitment and you taking responsibility for your own learning process are the key factors here.

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Last Updated 10.11.2020