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Specialisation: Health Economics and Management

Specialisation: Health Economics and Management

Though health economics and health management are two separate disciplines, they are together fundamental for understanding the current state of the art in health systems.

Health economics and health management deal with the effectiveness and efficiency of health systems. Also, they help us understand how health systems change shape and focus.

General purpose of the specialisation in Health Economics and Management

Health Economics
As an applied field of economics, health economics focuses on several key issues related to the allocation of scarce resources with the ultimate objective to promote the health of the population.

The goal of the health economic perspectives included in the specialisation is to develop an understanding of fundamental economic mechanisms, as applied to the health care sector, and to train students in economic appraisal of interventions, including preventive and health care interventions.

Analysis of health economic issues requires an elementary knowledge of economic concepts, often in combination with a detailed knowledge of either health technology, use of epidemiological data, or institutions.

While the substance matter of the discipline is ‘health’ (prevention, health promotion, and health care) and the health care institutions, the analytical approach is the use of economic theory and methods.

The specialisation on health economics promotes an understanding of the use of an economic approach to a number of issues related to health and health promotion. Among such issues are:

  • determinants of health
  • production of services to promote health or treat patients
  • demand for and use of health services
  • analysis of health care institutions and their supply.

A specifically policy-oriented area is economic evaluation which allows to make allocative policy decisions by weighing the effectiveness of a particular health technology or intervention against the costs it incurs.

Health Management
The goal of the management perspectives included in the specialisation is to assist the students in acquiring an extensive understanding and appreciation of vital components concerning leadership and management of health systems.

Further, it is the objective to enable students to apply theories and methods relevant for leadership and management in connection with health systems. A specific target is that the students gain know-how in relation to health management.

Health management is the study of population health concerns and how they are addressed by the health system. Health management deals with both management of (i.e. health policy) and management in health organisations.

Health policy forms the frame for management in health. Hence, an introduction to theories, concepts, and methods of policy analysis and their application will prepare the students for independent understanding and execution of individual policy analyses related to public health in general and to health management specifically.

In relation to management and leadership in health organisations, the students will have the opportunity of gaining an understanding of:

  • the path finding part of the managing process
  • the problem-solving part of the managing process
  • the implementing part of the managing process in relation to health management.

Teaching Strategy

Depending on specific aims and objectives of the various courses, a wide line of teaching methods and didactical techniques will be applied.

A distinct ambition is to engage students in the organisation, execution and assessment of, for instance, individual lectures, group work and other educational sequences. 


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