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Qualification profile

Depending on the choice of main specialisation, the graduate in public health science will either be particularly or generally qualified for handling problems within the fields of public health planning (either nationally or globally) and public health administration (either nationally or globally). Furthermore, the graduate in public health science will be qualified for dealing with analysis, development, planning, advising, teaching, and research in relation to prevention and health promotion.

Independent of the choice of specialisation, the graduate in public health will

  • have extended knowledge on the health status and conditions for health of various population groups
  • have extended knowledge on the theories, methods and strategies used to promote and protect the populations health and well-being
  • be able to understand, apply and reflect about relevant theory, research methods and research approaches within public health

    have skills to:

  • gather and analyse information on the health and well-being of selected population groups.
  • analyse and critically assess the influence of behavioural, environmental and social conditions on the physical, mental and social health and quality of life of population groups.
  • develop, implement and evaluate programmes, policies and institutions that aim at prevention, health promotion, care, rehabilitation, and treatment.
  • carry through research-oriented investigations within the framework of the public health area in a largely autonomous manner and to present research results to different audiences.

    have competencies to:
  • conduct relevant public healthrelated tasks within public administration, private companies, research institutions, professional organisations and associations
  • communicate and interact in interdisciplinary collaborations – locally, nationally, internationally – in connection with public health-related initiatives, questions, methods and theories
  • identify individual learning needs and structure individual learning in different learning environments.

Last Updated 31.01.2020