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More about the programme

The study programme aims at attracting students with a broad educational background obtained either in Denmark or abroad. This is the main reason why the modules of the master programme are taught in English.

The purpose of the programme is to provide students with scientifically based knowledge and useful competencies in relation to the field of public health science. At the same time the students will be able to analyse and evaluate within certain fields. These competencies will be obtained through practical and theoretical work in the field of health promotion in a given population.

The programme aims at laying the conceptual basis by increasing the students’ competencies with respect to:

  • building and applying advanced epidemiological knowledge of essential health factors 
  • assessing current research and implementing analyses on the state of health of populations 
  • applying a wide selection of communication techniques and tools in connection with primary and secondary prevention, health promotion initiatives as well as public health-related assignments
  • evaluating implementations, performances and results of prevention and promotion measures
  • analysing structures and institutional changes of health systems
  • setting up theoretical solutions for concrete political and administrative problems in the field of health

Students can specialise within one of the following five main tracks: Health Promotion, Global Health, Risk Research, Health Economics and Management or Intervention and Evaluation.

Last Updated 22.01.2020