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Learning outcomes

What makes a graduate with an engineering degree in Energy Technology especially attractive to the labour market? Below is an overview of the competencies you will have once graduated: general engineering competencies as well as the special competencies you will acquire in Energy Technology.

General engineering competencies

With an engineering degree from the University of Southern Denmark you will have a strong academic and professional profile based on highly competent teachers and fellow students who are skilled, curious and committed to their studies. Moreover, you will be part of a research and development environment of high international standard. That is how we ensure that you get the most recent knowledge and ability to be right up there in the lead should you choose to study or work abroad.

You acquire the ability to:

  • think and work in a problem-based, project-oriented and interdisciplinary way
  • work independently as well as in teams
  • manage and be in charge of a project
  • to employ your strong analytical and problem-solving skills solve tasks in an international and social context
  • exploit your knowledge about the needs of the business world and experience in working with high-tec companies.

Students are:

  • used to working with companies and will have a thorough understanding of business.

Specific competencies

With a degree in Energy Technology you will have the following competencies:

  • Ability to develop solutions and new technology that will secure the energy supply for your children and grandchildren
  • Ability to assess how we produce, use and save energy today – and how to improve in this area for the future
  • Knowledge of financial and legal matters in the field of energy and ability to counsel others in these matters
  • Knowledge of the impact of the energy systems on our environment and climate and ability to communicate this knowledge to companies, politicians and consumers.

With a master of science in engineering degree you will be qualified to apply for and study a PhD programme.


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