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Introduction to the programme

Help develop products and technology that will ensure the future energy supply.

Future challenges in the field of energy must be solved by the development of existing and future energy technologies such as wind turbines, biomass, solar cells and fuel cells. Part of the solution could be smart grids, which are intelligent products such as electrical cars, heat pumps and refrigerators that communicate directly with the electricity market and temporarily turn off when power is expensive.

The answer to future energy challenges is by no means a simple one, because production and distribution of energy is part of a complex interaction between technology, finance and legislation. With a Master of Science degree in Energy Technology you become an expert in energy systems so that you will understand and master this complex interrelationship.

You will get the academic and technological knowledge needed in production and development work on different energy systems. And you will become a link between experts and generalists, and technicians and politicians.

Project work and an exciting research based study environment

You become part of a project based and problem based study environment where you work in project groups. You and your fellow students are responsible for planning and carrying out the project – and for meeting the deadlines. Usually we receive the projects from companies and we make a point of allowing you to solve ‘real-world’ problems. 

Versatile career paths

With a master degree in Energy Technology you will have a range of job opportunities – in Denmark and abroad. Among other things, you could work as a project engineer in the sector of district heating or electricity supply or as a consultancy manager.

Please notice that this program as a full degree will only be offered to danish citizents.

Entry requirements and admission

Read about entry requirements and how to apply for admission.

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