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Programme structure

There are no compulsory courses on the Master's degree programme in Computer science at SDU. Therefore, you can shape the programme according to your own personal interests.

During the first semester, you can choose among all Master-level Computer Science courses offered by the Faculty of Science to gain the required 30 ETCS.

During the second semester, you can choose freely among all Master-level courses offered by the Faculty of Science, across all subject areas, as long as you meet any academic prerequisites. By approval from the Study Board, you can also take courses offered by other faculties if they are relevant to the academic profile of the Computer science programme.

During the second year, you will complete your own individual research-based project for your 60 ECTS Master Thesis. 

The courses in the programme are taught entirely in English.

Recommended course of study


The structure of the programme allows you to opt for a general profile or specialise in one of the following subject areas:

The specialisations should be considered as suggestions to give you a better overview of the constituent and elective courses that we offer, but you will not be required to stick to courses from just one specialisation.

Three-phase model of teaching

The latest research, backed by our own experience, shows that combining different teaching methods results in the best learning outcomes for students. Therefore, at the Faculty of Science, all of our courses combine different teaching methods, such as lectures, practice/exercise sessions, and assignments/projects.


Lectures are given by professors on a weekly basis and are usually held with a group of 5-20 students. The lectures are interactive and professors take the effort to design the speed and the content of the lectures according to the students' needs, interests and questions. Having a good ratio between students and teachers enables our professors to care for the learning development of every single student.

Practice/exercise sessions

Master-level practice and exercise sessions at the Faculty of Science are generally held by the professors themselves. Within Computer science, practice and excercise sessions often contain problem-solving tasks, coding exercises and adaptation of methods as we highly encourage our students to use the learned theoretical principles to create their own ideas and solutions.


As part of each course, you will be asked to do certain assignments and projects; some individually and others in groups. Your participation, your personal commitment and you taking responsibility for your own learning process are the key factors here.

Master Thesis project

The Master Thesis project on the Computer science programme is a 60 ECTS individual research-based project.

You can take part in an existing research-based project developed by your supervisor, develop your own project according to your interests or work on a real-life project in collaboration with a company.

Throughout the entire project, you will be supervised by a professor who is an expert in the topic area of your project. Most of our thesis students meet with their supervisors on a weekly basis to discuss questions arising and the progress of their projects.


SDU offers the Danish Government Scholarship to certain students from non-EU/EEA countries.

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