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Degree qualifications profile

Through the high amount of application sessions, Computer science students at SDU learn how to solve any kind of technologic problem and to come up with new creative ideas and solutions. We take pride in educating graduates with a deep understanding of computhing theory, the ability to think in the abstract and well advanced problem-solving skills.

On the Master's degree programme in Computer science, you will expand and specialise the knowledge and skills you have obtained on your qualifying Bachelor degree programme. Besides gaining general academic qualifications, you will acquire a wide range of competences specific to Computer science.

The specific knowledge acquired with a Master's degree in Computer science is:

  • Knowledge of a range of specialised models and methods developed in Computer Science based on highest international research, including subjects from the research front
  • Knowledge of Computer Science models and methods intended for applications in other professional areas
  • The ability to understand and, on a scientific basis, reflect on the knowledge of the field of Computer Science and to identify scientific issues

The specific skills acquired with a degree in Computer Science are the ability to independently:

  • Describe, analyse and solve complex problems using the learned models
  • Analyse the advantages and disadvantages of different problem-solving methods, including in highly complex areas
  • Elucidate hypotheses on a qualified theoretical background and critically refer to own and others' research results and scientific models
  • Develop new variants of the learned methods when the specific problem requires it
  • Disseminate research-based knowledge and discuss professional and scientific issues with both professionals and non-specialists
  • Plan and carry out high-level scientific projects, including managing work and development situations that are complex, unpredictable, and require new solutions
  • Initiate and carry out professional and interdisciplinary cooperation
  • Take responsibility for your own professional development and specialisation

Student counsellors Faculty of Science University of Southern Denmark

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  • Phone: +45 6550 4387

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