SDU Talent Fellowship

The Fellowship is designed to give you the right profile to address the needs of the global technology industry. Working already during your studies in a world leading, innovative tech company will give you insights into what is going on in the technology industry! It will be a place for you to practice your skills in a practical setting and at last: It will give you the network you need after graduation to nurture your future career.

The SDU Talent Fellowship is the result of a collaboration between SDU and Technology Denmark.

What we offer

  • A part-time job (12 hours per week) in a Danish technology company
  • Master’s degree in Computer science at SDU

Furthermore, the City of Odense offers Absolute Assurance for Accommodation for students moving in from out of town, e.g. from Bologna, Berlin or Barcelona. The Absolute Assurance for Accommodation applies to EU/EEC citizens and students holding a Danish residence permit.

Tech capital

The Fellowship takes place in Odense, which is a leading drone and robot producing city in Europe and a frontrunner in the use of technology in general. Forecasts are, that Denmark will need more than 19,000 IT specialists by 2030 and most of the possibilities lie within the region of Odense.

Our companies work with Big Data, Machine learning, AI and modern program languages like ASP.NET, WPF or app challenges to develop global best-in-class flight planning software, award-winning webshops, a transparent online market for financial products, the fastest growing .NET CMS in the word, educational robots and much more.

The International Master programme in Computer science is at the highest international standards. It will give you strong fundamentals on cutting-edge techniques in IT and on modern programming languages as well as allow you to study with leading researchers at the frontier of computer scientific research.

Computer science students at SDU are also entitled to obtain mathematic classes, as they strengthen the education of IT experts profoundly and provide graduates with more global career opportunities

Tuition fees

If you come from an EU or EEA country, you do not have to pay tuition fees. In addition, your student job of at least 12 hours per week will make you eligible to apply for SU (the Danish students' Grant and Loan Scheme) to receive financial support from the State of Denmark.

If you come from a country outside of the EU/EEA, you will have to pay tuition fees as the Talent Fellowship is not a scholarship.  


You must apply for the Master's degree programme in Computer science through the regular application form. Furthermore, you must prepare and upload additional material for us to match you with a company.

Feel free to contact Peter Bækgaard Madsen at or +45 2883 6295 if you have any questions regarding the SDU Talent Fellowship.

Part-time Master in Computer science

If you prefer a different ratio between work and study, you may also be interested in the special "Erhvervskandidat" version of the Master's degree programme in Computer science, which allows you to take this degree over the course of four years instead of the usual two. This requires your employment with a local IT company to be at least 25 hours per week.

Contact Peter Bækgaard Madsen for information on this programme and how we can help you making contacts to local IT companies for such type of jobs.

Partner companies at Technology Denmark

Check out some of our partners. They represent all kinds of computer science:

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