Career opportunities

With a degree in Computer science you have many career opportunities in Denmark and abroad.

Unemployment is virtually unheard of among computer scientists. The majority of Computer science graduates from SDU are employed in the private sector, typically as software developers, analysts or IT consultants.

Future and career

With a degree in Computer science, you can handle many different types of jobs and you will have the qualifications to gain new, complex skills independently.

You will play a part in developing new variants of central algorithms and data structures and thereby help construct computer hardware and operative systems. The solid academic base which you gain through your education means that you can adapt to many environments and companies are more likely to hire flexible workers with great potential for development. Therefore, unemployment among computer science graduates from SDU is virtually unknown.

Most computer scientists graduating from SDU are employed in private companies where the Computer science degree provides a very solid basis for a career in IT.

Computer scientists exist on all levels of companies from programme developers to project managers and executives in software divisions or companies.


With a completed MSc in Computer science you can apply for a position as a PhD student at the Faculty of Science.

Read more about the PhD programme at the Faculty of Science.

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