Career opportunities

The masterprogramme MSc Cultural Sociology provides you with analytical, process-related competencies that support a career in companies, organizations and associations that have to cope with change related to the development of new structures or improvement of relations between the society and its citizens, institutions and interest groups.

Both in the public and private sector there is a growing need for employees who can work directly with transformation processes on a micro-level. With the Master of Social Sciences in Cultural Sociology you are able to work innovatively and focused with social changes and you have the necessary understanding for management and social engagement.

Career opportunities:

  • Local and regional authorities and public administration agencies
  • Governmental departments
  • Political organizations
  • Cultural institutions
  • Labor market and trade organizations
  • NGO’s
  • Consultancies engaged with social or user-oriented innovation
  • Research Institutes
  • University careers e.g. PhD scholarships

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