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Student life

How is it to be a student in Odense? How is the social life on the Master in Comparative Public Policy and Welfare Studies? We hope these links and videos will give you an idea.

On the Master of Comparative Public Policy and Welfare Studies on SDU, we have a big number of international students from all over the world. This results in an enriching study environment, both academically and socially. At least that is what our students say, when we ask them.


Jordan tells why he has chosen the Welfare Master

Kathryn tells what she did before the Welfare Master

Mai tells about her Ph.D. Project

Marta tells why she likes the master-programme

Mikkel tells why Welfare Master is important

Panjamas tells how it is to be an International Student

Sureeyya tells why you should choose Welfare Studies

Watch the video of the simulation Game: The Danish Parliament

Zivile tells about her job and how she does benefit from the master-programme

Niklas tells about the International Student life


Last Updated 20.02.2020