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Student testimonials

Chrysovalantis Marigkos, Greece

Productivity Manager, Simens Gamesa




Fanni Lengyel, Hungary

Associate Marketing Strategy Manager at The LEGO Group


During my Master's program in Brand Management and Marketing Communication I was participating the Career in Denmark program in order to get to know more about the Danish culture, as I knew that I might consider to stay in Denmark after finishing my degree. I graduated in the summer of 2016, and thanks to the program and the effort I put into getting to know and adapting to the job market I landed in an internship at the Nordic Headquarters of Nestlé. Although, I was not able to continue in a full-time position due to lack of any job openings, I believe this experience was not just extremely insightful but also helped me to move on with my job search. Afterwards, I decided to continue learning Danish and I was working part-time at a start-up in Copenhagen, while I was focused on approaching Danish employees and building my network. I went to case competitions, career fairs and tried to use these opportunities to get closer to my goal. I was always striving for a better job search strategy, for a better CV, for better cover letters, which was difficult sometimes after getting a lot of rejections. I have recently got my first full-time position at Bestseller - Jack & Jones, as Key Account Supporter for the German market. Finding my first job after finishing my studies has not been an easy journey, but a very exciting one, during which I clarified my current goals, I built network, I learned patience and persistence, and I believe all these will be beneficial for my future career.



Irina Antonescu, Romania

PhD Fellow SDU and Founding board member of PAUSD


As a fresh graduate from my Master’s degree in Nanobioscience and the Career in Denmark programme at SDU, my most difficult challenge was to... choose between all the career opportunities that laid in front of me! It may have been hard-work, or luck, inspiration, the right mentors or the right timing, or maybe a mash-up of all these, but it‘s been such a comforting experience to realise that the skills learned through my education made me truly valuable for the Danish Labour market. I’m extremely grateful for the unconditional guidance I’ve received from our Career in Denmark mentors all along the way.



Ildiko Kicsi, 29 years old 

Marketing and Graphic Design Assistant MA in Business, Language & Culture 


1. Why did you consider doing a career in Denmark as a student? The reason why I decided to pursue my studies in Denmark was mainly due to the high-quality education level, which combines theory and practice, hence providing the graduates a smoother transition from being a student to becoming an employee. Furthermore, being part of the international study programs significantly broadened my perspective and improved my inter-cultural and problem-solving skills. 

2. What differences did it do to be part of a career program at SDU? I joined the career program at SDU during the second semester of my master's studies. The purpose of the program is to aid and incubate highly skilled international students to enter the Danish job market shortly after graduating. Although the time I joined, I had already held my current position as a marketing employee, it was still beneficial for me to partake in CIDs workshops. During the monthly arranged workshops, we had the opportunity to network and to assist each other with tips & tricks for finding and applying relevant vacancies, thus 

3. What is the most peculiar difference you have experienced working in Denmark compared to your home country? I moved to Denmark right after graduating from high school, so I have little to no work experience from that time. Therefore, I cannot provide an authentic comparison of the Danish and my home country working culture. Denmark, in my opinion, is the right place for people who like to think out of the box and dare to pursue the unexpected. The societal structure is based on inclusiveness and acceptance, and depending on your ambitions, you can easily find your way forward.


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