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Career testimonials

Motivating to work on innovative and developing projects

"My name is Nikolaj Siersbæk, and I completed my PhD in Applied Microeconomics in 2019 at the Department of Business and Economics at the University of Southern Denmark. Before that, I studied both BSc and MSc in Economics at SDU and spent a semester at Cornell University. When I followed the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes, I worked as a student teacher in microeconomic subjects and as a research assistant.

After I submitted my PhD dissertation, I started as an Economist at Copenhagen Economics, which is one of Europe’s leading economic consultancies with more than 90 employees and offices in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki and Brussels. At Copenhagen Economics, we help our clients make informed decisions in their political or commercial reality based on recognised research methods and sector-specific experience.

We work for law firms, private companies, authorities and policy makers around the world. We are particularly dedicated to 12 areas, including health, competition and energy & climate, and each year we prepare more than 200 independent analyses. Since 2006, Copenhagen Economics has appeared in the Global Competition Review’s Top-20 of the best economic consultancies in the world.

I work primarily in our Healthcare and Life Sciences service, but working as an economic consultant also provides the opportunity to work in areas other than those you are used to. My work at Copenhagen Economics includes special project work on econometric studies of register data or other data, cost-benefit analyses of e.g. new medicines or optimisations of the healthcare system, further development of econometric methods and quality of life instruments, survey preparations and analyses of these data, process facilitation and preparation of reports and presentations.

In addition, my work includes consultancy services such as project management, client contact and handling, sales work and much more. I have had the opportunity to work with global and national pharmaceutical companies such as Takeda, Novartis and Roche, national and international patient organisations (e.g. the Danish Diabetes Association and HAE International), government agencies and international expert groups (e.g. European Expert Group on OD Incentives).

In my work, I have a special focus on rare diseases, and I find it very motivating to always work on innovative and developing projects that are challenging and not just part of the day-to-day operations.

My education as an economist at the University of Southern Denmark has given me the academic foundation to perform the tasks of my current position. The work at Copenhagen Economics allows me to work with relevant and current issues, where the results, recommendations and conclusions are directly and immediately applicable to the clients and help them with the challenge they face."

Nikolaj Sierbæk, MSc in Economics, PhD, Economic Consultant, Copenhagen Economics.

Producing knowledge and tools for the municipalities

"I work at the centre for data, analysis and method at the Danish National Board of Social Services. My primary task is to produce knowledge and tools for the municipalities about the effect of social efforts – both the effect on the individual living in a vulnerable or marginalised situation and the effect on the bottom line for the public economy.

I have been involved in developing the socio-economic investment model (also called SØM), which helps the municipalities to illustrate that an effort for the socially marginalised people is not only an expense but can actually be a good investment with human and economic returns. My work consists of equal parts of nerdy data and analysis work at the desk and dialogue and collaboration with municipalities, regions, consultants, researchers and foundations. 

Tine Hjernø Lesner, MSc, PhD, specialist consultant at the Danish National Board of Social Services, centre for data, analysis and method .

Last Updated 16.02.2021