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Learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding

The master's programme in Economics, provides knowledge based on the highest international research within the profile area. MSc graduates in Economics are able to understand and on a scientific basis reflect on this knowledge as well as identify relevant scientific problems.
MSc graduates in Economics are able to work independently and with a systematic, goal-oriented and analytical approach to solve various problems, both individually and in collaboration with others. MSc graduates in Economics are able to structure their own learning and are capable of seeking and adapting new knowledge acquired from national and international sources.


MSc graduates in Economics are able to:

  • work methodologically correct with both qualitative and quantitative analyses

  • apply theories and principles to new but related economic problems

  • reason economically to substantiate economic claims.

The graduate can draw up new models for analysis and solutions based on run analyses. The graduate can communicate his/her knowledge and discuss professional problems with colleagues, company management and the surrounding society.


Within the profile area, the MSc graduates in Economics can manage work and development situations which are complex, unpredictable and which require new models of solutions. Graduates can also independently implement and carry through technical and cross-functional collaboration as well as claim professionally responsibility.
The graduate can independently take responsibility for his/her own technical development and specialisation.MSc graduates are able to analyse and formulate complex economics problems on a scientific basis, both individually and in collaboration with others as well as under time constraint. The graduates are likewise able to assess the utility and limitations of theories and methods and, based on that, to provide a basis for decision and independently make decisions.
The graduates are proficient in the use of IT tools and statistics, which means that they can handle and assess data material. Graduates are especially trained in applying statistical methodology within economics, which enables them to solve quantitative analysis problems.
MSc graduates in Economics are able to communicate in writing as well as orally to both specialists and to the general public. The Master of Science in Economics offers opportunities for employment within a very broad professional spectrum. Thus, the programme is targeted towards employment in both the public and private sectors, including businesses and trade organisations. Recent employment studies have shown that employment in ministries, teaching and research institutions, and with local authorities is common, as is employment in the private sector, e.g. as consultants and in banks.

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Last Updated 20.02.2020