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The programme takes on both a theoretical and practical approach: 

The combined theoretical and practical approach embraced by the Strategic Entrepreneurship profile provides you with an in-depth knowledge of contemporary research and business practices, as well as frameworks, skills and tools arising from hands-on experience, required for entrepreneurial activities for change and progress locally, nationally, and internationally.

The teaching and learning process is organized as an interactive combination of practice-related competence development and theoretical sense-making through traditional teaching methods, role-play, group work, student presentation, discussions, written reflections and creative development. In some courses the instruction is planned as a mix of classroom teaching or supervision and/or home assignments based upon digital video teaching. Furthermore different workshops will be held during the semester.

The first to the fourth semester:

Autumn, 1st semester: The creation of Entrepreneurial Opportunity
The first term concentrates on the identification and creation of entrepreneurial opportunities, setting the stage for the remainder of the program and focusing on entrepreneurial activity and innovation. The role of the wider business setting for entrepreneurship is included here.

Spring, 2nd semesterThe Evaluation and Realization of Entrepreneurial Opportunity
The second term assumes the challenge of evaluating and utilizing entrepreneurial opportunities in new or existing firms – the consolidation of the entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial idea through financial forecasts, business plans, and other critical issues.

Autumn, 3nd semesterField Studies of Entrepreneurship 
The third term aims to integrate theoretical knowledge with practical experience through:
- Internship in a company /institution (Denmark or abroad) + project work or 
- Studies abroad ( International partner university or another international university) or
Studies at the University of Southern Denmark or another Danish University.

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