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 The programme offers courses in governance in companies in the sports and event sector, about media and music management, in  project management, innovation, competitive strategy and research methodology. The combination of courses in advanced management and marketing qualifies you to manage the development of competences and continuous learning that are necessary survival skills for enterprises in an intensified competitive environment.

Through a combination of project work, group work, and lectures you will understand how to manage companies in the sports and event sector. The programme focuses on know-how skills, i.e. the ability to perform analyses and develop solutions.

The graduate programme in Sports and Event Management runs in four quarters. However, it is possible to take quarters as independent units. In the International Graduate Programme you may follow all the courses offered in the Master of Science programme in Sports and Event Management. In order to achieve 60 ECTS you must follow two courses of each 7.5 ECTS per quarter.

The examination types vary and are adjusted to the learning for the individual courses. Therefore they will be a mix of written exams and projects with or without oral examinations.

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