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Career opportunities

The MSc programme in Market Anthropology at Campus Odense gives you an excellent versatile foundation for future career opportunities. The courses offer a unique combination of high-level theory with skills in performing market investigation to ensure a solid basis of knowledge and tools readily employable in your first job.

The heavy focus on fieldwork in the marketplace gives you an anthropological understanding of the cultural market systems, including consumers, retail system and competitors. Combined with the operational insights in marketing techniques from a traditional business degree, you will acquire a unique set of competences in marketing management and market analysis and a solid foundation for a career as a market specialist.

You can use the competences obtained through the programme in a variety of contexts: as a business entrepreneur, as a market intelligence specialist in large or medium sized international companies or as a consultant. You can, for example, work in discovery and research of new ideas to planning, management and realization of business concepts in Danish and international companies.

Typical job titles include anything that deals with market or marketing:

  • marketing assistant, marketing manager, market consultant,
  • market development responsible
  • market intelligence officer, , market surveillance, consumer insights officer, user insight professional
  • customer experience manager; customer experience designer, 
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Last Updated 21.06.2021