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More about the programme

About the Programme

This Master’s programme is a response to growing global demand for anthropological insights which can be used strategically when navigating global and local markets. Being true to the heritage of anthropology, you will learn about and engage in ethnographic fieldwork.

During your third semester on the programme, you will undertake a major fieldwork project in collaboration with an academic supervisor from an international group of researchers who have studied market systems, organizations, and consumer culture from the polar circle to the Amazon and from YouTube to the Sahel.

On your fourth semester, you will write your Master’s thesis based on this fieldwork.

Programme Structure

The focal point of the first year of the programme is to build a theoretical and methodological basis for the fieldwork and for your future career in marketing.

You will therefore learn about analysis and understanding of markets as cultural and economic networks; that is nodes and relationships, which organize resource circulation.

You will also get anthropological insights in contemporary business and technological systems and anthropological analysis of market systems. In addition, you will acquire knowledge about foundational theory of marketing and consumption.

The programme enrolls a maximum of 20 carefully selected students who are part of a large and international study environment.

Career Opportunities

The MSc programme in Market Anthropology at Campus Odense gives you an excellent versatile foundation for future career opportunities.

The courses offer a unique combination of high-level theory with skills in performing market investigation to ensure a solid basis of knowledge and tools readily employable in your first job.

Typical job titles include anything that deals with market or marketing:

  • marketing assistant, marketing manager, market consultant,
  • market development responsible
  • market intelligence officer, , market surveillance, consumer insights officer, user insight professional
  • customer experience manager; customer experience designer,

Entry Requirements and Application

To apply for a Master's programme in Economics and Business Administration, you need a relevant Bachelor's degree.

You can also apply if you hold a similar Bachelor's degree including a minimum of 75 ECTS within the field of Economics and Business Administration.

Last Updated 26.02.2020