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This profile is offered by the research group "International Business & Entrepreneurship"

The group covers research that relates to the core of international business strategy and marketing, such as internationalization processes, foreign market entry, international new ventures, developing ambition and positioning in international markets and cross-cultural (HR) management. 

The academic staff that plans and carries out the teaching on the programme consists of active researchers within the various subject areas enabling an appropriate transfer of the most recent research findings.

Here are a few of our active teachers in the profile: 




Erik Stavnsager Rasmussen, Associate Professor

Erik is course responsible for the courses: International Strategic Partnerships and International Entrepreneurship.

Erik’s research focuses especially on international entrepreneurship and Born Global firms. In later years he has particularly focused on the international entrepreneurs that are able to avoid domestic path dependence by establishing ventures, which already from the be-ginning develop routines for managing a multi-cultural workforce, for coordinating resources located in different nations and for targeting customers in several geographic places simultaneously. Erik moreover has a very strong network with business practitioners and ties to the local business environment. Find out more about Erik here.


Nicole Franziska Richter, Associate Professor

Nicole is course responsible for the courses: International Business Strategy, International Business Analytics and the summer course Applied Market Strategy.

Nicole has a business practice background from marketing consulting. In her research, she covers international business strategy, research methods dominantly discussed in international marketing, and cross-cultural aspects. She is among the top 20 researchers worldwide in the field of partial least squares structural equation modeling and active in creating e-learning materials in this field. She is the Danish country investigator in project GLOBE  and part of SDU’s intercultural competence platform.

Find out more about Nicole here.





Stephen Mark Rosenbaum,  Associate Professor

Stephen is course responsible for the course: International Marketing Channels.

Stephen has 18 years of marketing experience in the private sector, particularly in entrepreneurship, marketing consulting and Private Banking. He has worked on assignments in over 50 countries. Furthermore, he acts as a mentor to several start-ups in various countries. His research focuses on both marketing and management. For example, his latest marketing article published in the International Marketing Review focuses on indirect export types, which he has also presented to private exporting think tanks. Find out more about Stephen here.

Last Updated 26.02.2020