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Bachelor in International Sales and Marketing Management

The degree fulfills the requirements if certain course areas are covered via elective courses. In the table you can see what course areas must be covered, and you can see suggestions for possible elective courses or course modules.

Requirement of specific course content

Can be covered by electives in the Marketing Management programme Must be covered in the top-up programme (IBA Kolding and EAL offer a relevant elective course module)

Bachelor in International Sales and Marketing as ”top-up” to an AP degree in Marketing Management

Microeconomics, 5 ECTS X (Elective course in ”Business Economic")
Accounting, 5 ECTS X
Finance, 5 ECTS
Statistics, 5 ECTS X (Elective course in “Statistics”)
Additional methods for analysis of data,

The Study Board of Business Economics, University of Southern Denmark

Last Updated 21.12.2020