Programme Structure

In the programme, you can choose between a range of profiles all with a focus on business administration issues. Students must apply to a specific profile. It is not possible to obtain a MSc in Economics and Business Administration at the University of Southern Denmark without selecting a specific profile

The master programme consists of courses in business economics and business administration and relevant methodical courses which expand on academic and interdisciplinary areas encountered during the bachelor programme. Courses within economics may also be part of the master programme. 

The specific courses for each profile are listed on the pages describing the profile in question. The size of each course is stated in ECTS.

All profiles contain:

  • At least 60 ECTS credits of the profile are compulsary. These courses supply knowledge which, within the boundaries of the profile, is based on the highest international research.

  • At least 10 ECTS credits of the obligatory courses must supply knowledge about and skills within the scientific methods of the subject area of the profile allowing the graduate to master these methods and assess and select among these. The methodological courses are listed in the profile descriptions.

  • Electives worth a minimum of 10 ECTS.

  • A master’s thesis worth 30 ECTS concluding the study.

At most profiles you have to possibility to conduct and internship. On all profiles, it is possible to conduct a study period at another university on the 3rd semester of the programme.