More about the programme

We are passionate about our courses, and we work hard. We expect the same from you. On the programme you will meet various teaching methods: lectures, group lessons, discussions, casework, practical exercises, task solving. group work, project work and supervision.

In the time outside the actual teaching hours, in addition to reading the syllabus you should expect to spend time preparing discussion papers, presentations and ongoing work on both practical IT technical assignments as well as more theoretical written assignments.

The programme includes a series of compulsory courses: Web-mediated communication and interaction, Web formats and standards, Web communication and production, User studies and evaluation of digital user interfaces, Value-based design, Corporate communication, IT pedagogics in organisations.

In addition, students are expected to have knowledge of basic HTML and CSS before they commence the programme, e.g. through subjects students have studied for their BA degrees. It is also possible to obtain this knowledge through online tutorials, e.g. The programme website contains suggestions for tutorials. 

During the 2nd semester you will work with two or three fellow students on a project, in which you delimit and define a problem in the area of web communication. The project permits a great deal of freedom and creativity, and you will have the opportunity to unify theory with practical problems from the real world.

Social life

On this programme great emphasis is placed on cooperation and the ability to work in project- oriented groups. So in the first few days you will join a study group, so that you can quickly network with your fellow students.

The programme is offered in English. You will therefore be working with students of different nationalities.

Campus Kolding is equipped with many small workstations and project desks, so there are good opportunities to do much of the group work on campus. There is a cosy atmosphere but at the same time a respect for the intense work being done in common areas.

On Fridays, ‘Ubåden’ (The Submarine), Campus Kolding’s bar is openHere you will have the chance to meet with students from other programmes and thereby gain a larger network. 

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