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MSc - IT – Web Communication Design is a master programme offered in English.

This MSc is a multi-disciplinary graduate programme that combines IT, communication and organisation. We emphasise the interaction between humans and information technology and combine research-based knowledge with challenges from practice.

The overall focus of the programme is on the opportunities and challenges of working with the web in relation to knowledge management and communication. This means that you will learn to evaluate and apply theories, principles and methods in the fields of communication, interaction and IT in the context of planning and designing web-based communication.

You will also work with the design and development of digital applications and information products with particular relevance for web-based communication. Moreover, you will learn to design and test web applications. 

In this programme you will gain skills in analysing and evaluating web content and carry out web-based communication jobs.

You will learn to design digital communication and prepare it for the web. You will learn to analyse and design e-learning solutions in an organisational context and advise how to organise information and communications in organisations and companies.

Last Updated 26.02.2018