Supplementary activities from February 2016

General information about supplementary courses:
As a consequence of the study progress reform, there is no longer possibility to supplement a bachelor degree with additional courses before admission to a master programme. You typically are required to fulfill the requirement through your bachelor degree, possibly by selecting specific subjects or electives. If this is not possible, supplementary activities after admission may be possible in special cases to the extent that such activities are offered.

There is a transitional period, which last until 31 August 2016, where it will be possible to take supplementary activity after a completed Bachelor program in order to meet the admission requirements for a Master’s degree programme. The last time this will be possible is for the intake for study start September 2016.

Specific information about supplementary activities after admission to MSc in Economics and Business Administration at the University of Southern Denmark:

  • It is possible to pass supplementary courses within max. 2 subject areas, i.e. in two of the following disciplines:
    Microeconomics, marketing, organizational theory, accounting, corporate finance, statistics, theory of science,  additional methods for analysis of data plus additional areas within business economics and business administration.
  • These requirements in these subject areas may be fulfilled through courses that you must follow and pass in parallel with the 1st  semester on your MSc in Business Economics and Administration profile.
  • We offer supplementary courses of 5 ECTS as a standard. Some courses may be of 10 ECTS..
  • The courses must, be taken on the campus where you are enrolled if it is offered there.
  • As the courses are regular courses on the BSc programme, there may be an overlap of teaching lessons in supplementary courses and the courses on the 1st  semester of MSc in Business Economics and Administration.
  • The supplementary courses offered as well as the language that they are offered in may vary across our 5 campuses.
  • For the February 2016 intake, two supplementary disciplines are not offered:
    • Corporate Finance
    • Organization.
  • There may optionally be offered tests which can be taken in addition to the two areas, which can be followed in parallel with 1st semester on MSc in Economics and Business Administration There is an overall maximum of to 15 ECTS.
  • One of the two tests can be taken in addition to the 2 subjects areas which can be followed in parallel with the 1st semester of the MSc programme provided that the total number of ECTS for all activities do not surpass 15 ECTS.
  • Each semester, only courses in some l subjects areas will be offered. If you need to pass supplementary courses or tests which are not offered by us in the semester in which you are applying for admission, you need to apply for admission the following semester. Please notice in this regard:
    - The offer of supplementary courses is largest for 1 September intake.
    - As we have restricted access to MSc in Economics and Business Administration, you are not guaranteed admission once you apply again.
  • You have two examination attempts to pass an examination associated with a supplementary activity (applies to both courses with teaching and tests with self-study).
  • Once you have been admitted to a profile in the MSc in Economics and Business Administration programme and registered for given supplementary courses, practical questions about these courses regarding teaching, examinations, etc., should be directed to your local study administration at the campus on which you are enrolled.
  • If you are required to pass supplementary activities after admission as indicated in the curriculum, these activities will be available free of charge.

If you have questions about supplementary activities after admission, please contact:

Coordinating Secretariat for MSc.
Kirsten Høg
6550 1406

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