Restrictions on entry

Restrictions on entry

Applies from 1 February 2016

There are two groups of applicants - undergraduates with a right to admission (group 1) and other applicants with a bachelor degree giving access to admission (group 2).

Group 1
This group is comprised of applicants with a BSc in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Southern Denmark who have a right to admission to this master programme immediately after completion of the bachelor programme.

Group 2
This group is comprised of applicants from Danish universities who have passed a BSc in Economics and Business Administration and applicants who have a BSc in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Southern Denmark with a degree older than one semester who have access to admission to the master programme. This group is also comprised of applicants with other bachelor degrees (e.g., Professional Bachelor, Diploma in Engineering) who meet the entry requirements after fulfilling the demand for supplementary courses.

Vacant places in this group are allocated to applicants based on a point system. Read about this via the link on the right-hand side on this page. In the event of equal points, places are allocated based on declining grade point average for the courses included in the point system.

An outline of criteria (group 2):
See via the links to the right which criteria will give points for the profile for which you are applying for, as well as the number of points given.



Meet the admission requirements in advance


Minimum 15 ECTS taken in another country than the
degree programme (study abroad)


Minimum 15 ECTS in quantitative analysis (Statistics, Mathematics, etc.)


Minimum 5 ECTS in qualitative method


10 ECTS in marketing/consumer behaviour


 5 ECTS in addition in marketing/consumer behaviour


 5 ECTS in international/global marketing


10 ECTS in accounting


 5 ECTS in addition in accounting


10 ECTS in organisational theory or strategy


 5 ECTS in addition in organisation/strategy


10 ECTS in corporate finance


 5 ECTS in addition in corporate finance


Minimum grade of 10/B in statistics or similar course


10 ECTS in managerial economics, microeconomics or similar


5 ECTS in Supply Chain Management


5 ECTS in Sports- or eventmanagement


Min. grade of 10/B in qualitative methods or similar course 


Min. grade 10/B in consumer behavior or similar course

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