Career opportunities

The use of biotechnology and genetechnology in diagnosis and disease treatment is an area which is developing rapidly and there is a great need for qualified personnel in research and development in industry as well as in public institutions.

A degree in Biomedicine provides great opportunities for an exciting career in Denmark as well as abroad where academic challenges are combined with contributing to human welfare through combating diseases.

As a biomedic, there are job openings in both the public healthcare system and in private companies. This could be in connection with the research and development projects in the medical industry, the biotech industry, foodstuffs technology, at hospitals, at universities and at research centres.

Do you want to work in the pharmaceutical industry?
Companies in the pharmaceutical industry deal with human health and disease treatment. The chemical production of pharmaceuticals such as insulin, vaccines, antibiotics and penicillin require a thorough knowledge of diseases at a cellular and molecular level and knowledge of why you get sick and how medicine effects the body. This is where a biomedic’s qualifications come to the forefront. A biomedic possesses precisely the interdisciplinary skills which the pharmaceutical industry needs, and there is a growing demand for education in this particular field.

Biotech is a part of the medical industry. The biotech industry utilises the biological processes which occur in for instance a yeast cell or a bacteria, as the industry benefits from genetical modification and use these “host cells” to technically and industrially produce insulin, growth hormone and vaccines etc. A degree in Biomedicine also provides the opportunity to work in the pharmaceutical industry as a pharmaceutical consultant.

Where do you want to go?
A position as researcher usually necessitates completing a PhD. The PhD student is normally paid through a scholarship from a university, a foundation or through collaboration with a company.
More information on the PhD programme at the Faculty of Science.

The master’s programme in Biomedicine does not grant teaching credentials on a high school level.

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