Marine science

The field of marine science covers a diverse spectrum of research interests and, therefore, the Master programme in Biology with a Marine Science profile gives you many different career paths to choose from.

Course of study

Below, you will find brief descriptions of the elective courses that we recommend you to take if you wish to specialise in marine science.

Autumn courses

BB810 Research project I (5 ECTS)
This course is designed to introduce students to the basics of conducting a research project. Students should learn how to identify and formulate a research problem (with help from a supervisor), and once formulated, how to solve it. The specific research problem may fall within any area of biology and the research required to solve it can be based on laboratory experiments, field observations, theoretical mathematical modelling or literature review.

BB832 Marine ecosystems (5 ECTS)
The purpose of this course is to provide a thorough knowledge of dominating plant and animal species living in a variety of marine ecosystems. There will be focus on the physical, chemical and biological conditions that are the basis for individual ecosystems and have given them their specific characteristics. Special emphasis will be on the conditions and compositions within and around marine ecosystems in Danish waters.

BB836 Geographical Information Systems in environmental monitoring and climate adaption (10 ECTS)
Students will learn the GIS tool through practical environmental cases, through which they will learn how to prepare, implement and create environmental maps and analyse the data. Students should reach a level that allows them to use GIS as a tool during the master thesis project.

Spring courses

BB801 Natural resource economics and management (5 ECTS)
The objective of this course is to give students a broad introduction to the political, social and especially economic principles guiding the management of natural resources and environmental goods and services.

BB822 Mathematical environmental modelling 1 (5 ECTS)
This course will give students knowledge of the applicability of mathematical modelling within the scope of environmental modelling. Through lectures and practical computer sessions, the students will learn how to work with environmental topics.

BB824 An introduction to the biology of marine mammals (5 ECTS)
The aim of the course is to introduce students to selected topics within the biology of marine mammals, with main focus on the anatomy of the animals, physiology, the biology of senses, and ecology. Students will become able to generally explain marine mammal evolution, physiology including thermoregulation and sensory physiology, orientation biology, distribution, reproductive biology, population biology and molecular genetics for this purpose, and by-catch problems.

BB840 Scientific diver course (10 ECTS)
The scientific diver course is a research support course with the aim of training students to the level of Danish commercial SCUBA diver, approved by the Danish Maritime Authority. Students will be introduced to marine monitoring of benthic ecosystems and to experimental design of underwater research. The student will be trained in using SCUBA diving as a research tool to study the underwater environment through visual observations, sample collection, and installation of underwater measuring equipment.

BF804 Project management in science (5 ECTS)
The purpose of the course is to enable students to analyse projects and project processes and, as a result, contribute to the accomplishment of the project. The aim is that the students build up a substantial methodological competence so that they understand how they are able to promote a good accomplishment by applying appropriate methods and tools and applying appropriate behaviour.

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