Scientific Diver Course

The students will obtain solid diving experience with focus on safe and professional diving and will be provided with the necessary skills to plan and carry out scientific diving operations, as well as to use SCUBA diving as a research tool for studying the fascinating underwater environment.

At the same time, the title as commercial SCUBA diver will be a strong qualification for newly educated biologists who want to work in jobs where diving is a prerequisite or continue as researchers with projects where diving is required.

What are we looking for?

We are especially looking for students who have a BSc degree in biology or any other area of natural sciences, either from SDU or any other university (no previous diving experience is needed to enter the course) and who wishes to pursue a career as:

  • researcher with focus on working in marine and freshwater environments
  • science communicator for aquariums and zoos
  • consultant for commercial companies
  • consultant in non-governmental organizations
  • employee working with environmental monitoring, environmental impact assessments, aquaculture, fisheries, nature guiding or tourism

Learning outcomes

During the course you will learn:

  • to dive confidently and manage underwater scientific work
  • to work as part of a team and the high importance of team work in diving operations
  • theory of diving (physiology, physics, safety, legislation)
  • to evaluate underwater hazards and conduct risk assessments
  • carry out diving first aid and rescue operations
  • how basic parts of the diving equipment works and maintenance
  • practical diving in open water down to 30 meters using SCUBA equipment
  • to perform different kind of basic tasks under water (search and rescue, scaffolding, rigging, use of lifting bags, use of hand tools, navigation)
  • underwater communication
  • methods and techniques of underwater research (sampling of flora, fauna, sediments, deployment of electronic equipment, quantification of flora and fauna, habitat survey, transects)

Course outline

The course takes place in the spring semester


  • Week 1: Theory and swimming pool sessions
  • Week 2: Practical diving in Davinde Lake and first aid course


  • Week 3: Practical diving in Kreidesee, Hemmoor, Germany
  • Week 4: Practical diving in Lillebælt
  • Week 5: Exams

In the video below, you can see clips from the diving course, recorded at the different diving locations (Davinde Lake, Kreidesee in Hemmoor, Germany and Lillebælt).


Students: DKK 14,000*
Externals (non-students): DKK 28,000*

Prices include training materials, logbook, transfer to dive sites, and excursion and accommodation in Hemmoor, Germany.

The following expenses are not included:

  • Medical examination: DKK 1,500
  • X-ray of thorax: DKK 350
  • Dry suit: DKK 8,400 + 25% VAT
  • Under suit, hood and gloves

*prices may vary


PhD student Kim Lundgreen
Tel: +45 2262 9106

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