Career opportunities

A Master's degree in Biochemistry and molecular biology opens up great opportunities for an exciting career where academic challenges can be combined with contributing to human well-being.

Development within biotechnology and gene technology has been rapid in recent years and the demand for biochemists and molecular biologists has increased significantly.

Typical employers include biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies, the health-care sector and private research institutions.

Quality control technician

Biochemistry and molecular biology graduates may find work as a quality control technicians, working in laboratories, manufacturing plants or other production facilities. These technicians review products ranging from pharmaceuticals to food in order to ensure that the manufactured goods comply with industry regulations. 

Clinical laboratory technologist

Clinical laboratory technologists use their background in biochemistry and molecular biology to conduct experiments on bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms. They may be involved in a broad range of studies or specialise in a specific field, such as bacteriology or virology.

Business analyst

Graduates in Biochemistry and molecular biology may work as business analysts in pharmaceutical companies or within the health-care sector. Analysts with a background in molecular bioscience may use their knowledge and experience with laboratory equipment to research and recommend new equipment for laboratories.

Academic research

In recent years, about 25 % of Biochemistry and molecular biology  graduates from SDU have pursued a career in academic research.

  • To be considered for a 3-year PhD fellowship, you must hold a Master's degree.
  • To be considered for a 4-year PhD fellowship, you must hold a Bachelor's degree and have passed Master level exams corresponding to 60 ECTS.

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