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Do you want to be a problem solver?  Would you like to learn to utilise advanced mathematical tools and computers to model, analyse and solve complex problems in business or research? Then study Applied mathematics in Odense.

Applied mathematics is a broad subject arena, combining mathematics, statistics and computer science. However, there is room for elective subjects, allowing you to specialise in a sub-field of your choice.

Work with mathematics

Applied mathematics is not a particular kind of mathematics, but a way to work with mathematics. It is impossible to say whether a mathematical subject is applied or not. Most of the mathematics  considered “pure” mathematics was developed in order to solve practical problems.

A specific example of the opposite case, which still has a great practical potential, is the French lawyer and government official Pierre de Fermat, who worked with mathematics solely to satisfy his own curiosity.  After more than 350 years, it was recently proven that his famous equation: xn+yn=zn, where x, y, z and n are positive, natural numbers, has no solution with n=2 (because n=2 makes 3, 4 and 5 one of an infinite number of solutions).

Fermat had no ambition for his work in numbers theory to be practically utilised. Nonetheless, his work is fundamental in the code theory (cryptology) used every time we make transactions and do banking online.

In short, you could say that an applied mathematician is often motivated by a problem outside the realm of mathematics. An applied mathematician masters and is capable of developing the mathematical tools which have helped create the modern society of industry and information.

A vibrant  study environment

A graduate programme at SDU is much more than courses, classes and lectures.

A strong education is one that integrates academic and social experiences to maximise learning and personal development. Therefore, at SDU, you find not only a place to study, but a place to cultivate new friendships and pursue co-curricular activities

Accordingly, SDU in Odense gathers most departments under the same roof. On campus you will also find the university library, an academic bookshop, several canteens, the Friday bar, a gym, a branch of Starbucks and a plethora of academic and social student associations.

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